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Pentagon: 50 U.S. Troops Now Diagnosed With Brain Injuries From Iran Attack
by Axios
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  • Jill
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    TraumaticBrain Injuries are far more than “headaches”. They are the “signature” injuries of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These injuries are called in visible because the person looks ok but their brain isn’t. Some people do just fine and have very few if any long term side effects, others have long term serious side effects that last a lifetime. Every person is unique and every brain injury is unique to that person. No two are alike. I’m not a medical professional but I’ve lived with a TBI survivor and I can tell you that it is a lifetime of hell, or can be. Shows on television show a person waking up from a coma and being “normal” with no signs or symptoms. That is a true disservice. Go watch the movie Regarding Henry and you’ll have a better idea. We’re going to be paying forever for these war veterans as we should but between TBI and PTSD and amputees we have thousands that will need a lifetime of care. We need to provide quality care for these men and women and that will cost a lot of money. If you support the wars don’t you dare think that when we get out the need for funding for veterans care is going to won’t. There is a huge cost to the families and friends of these injured veterans/wounded warriors that you can’t count in dollars and cents and it will take a toll that is at times too great to beat. Let’s make sure that those families are able to access quality care as them our support.

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