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Dershowitz: 'Quid Pro Quo Alone Is Not a Basis for Abuse of Power' - Do You Agree?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Alec
    Voted Yes

    First it was "No no no! He never did that! Unimpeachable!" Now it's "Oh, well, you know, yeah, he did that, but no! Still unimpeachable!" Here's a hint, if he went against the law, it's impeachable. If he's screwing over our allies, impeachable. If he's lying to the public, impeachable. If he's trying to get foreign agents (be they an individual or a country) to interfere with domestic relations and elections, to interfere on his behalf, impeachable. Impeach this organism. Impeach it before we need to fight a civil war to remove a dictator.

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