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Dershowitz: 'Quid Pro Quo Alone Is Not a Basis for Abuse of Power' - Do You Agree?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Bruce
    Voted No

    Dershowitz is now a very highly paid hired gun and a hack who will argue any side of any legal question. Trump has committed innumerable crimes both in and out of office. He has used his office to fill his own pockets with the $Millions (tens of millions?) of federal government money paid to his properties in New Jersey and Florida. This is a flagrant violation of the domestic emoluments clause of the Constitution. He committed campaign finance felonies by paying off a porn star and a Playboy centerfold after his election (he personally signed the check). He has abused his office by extorting the Ukraine. In the process he violated the Post-Watergate law requiring the expenditure of money appropriated by Congress. He obstructed Congress by blocking access to all documents from the Executive Branch of the federal government. There are just the tip of an immense iceberg. SO, NO I DON'T AGREE WITH DERSHOWITZ!

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