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Dershowitz: 'Quid Pro Quo Alone Is Not a Basis for Abuse of Power' - Do You Agree?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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    For those of you that really buy into this question you’ve failed to go back to the writers of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers. Although the Constitution does include high crimes and misdemeanors it does not list every breach of trust that would be considered in this category. For that you must read or listen to the Federalist Papers which were written to give an explanation for the reasons that our form of government was select over others. The Papers were written in such a way that the common folks would be able to understand the founders reasoning. They were written for us, the citizens of these United States of America. They provide warnings of the pitfalls that might arise overtime and provided examples of how to spot those pitfalls so as not to be taken in by slick words. Trump and the Trump Administration although not called by name is perfectly described in those Papers and you must remember that they were written over 300 years ago. Yes the Founders of our Democracy would have no difficulty recognizing Trump’s corruption and they would not hesitate to call for his Impeachment and removal from office. If you don’t like or want to read the Federalist Papers get them from Audible listen to them. They were written for us so that we can understand the importance of our Constitutional Democracy. They provided many examples and justifications for that choice. They were wiser than I and they would say that Trump has to go. Our Democracy is fragile and we the people must protect it. No one else will.

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