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Do You Want the Senate to Call John Bolton to Testify in Trump's Impeachment Trial?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Bruce
    Voted Yes

    The Senate should be making its Impeachment conviction or acquittal decision based upon all reasonably available evidence, both documentary and testimonial. Whether the House should have taken longer and tried harder to get that evidence is irrelevant. The White House was blocking them and a Presidential election was/is at our doorstep. Our elections need to be protected from foreign interference. There was, and still is, no time to wait. If Republicans are so concerned about election fraud, they should be absolutely interested in getting to the bottom of this! Let's see the documents! Let's hear from Bolton, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Pence, etc.! Let's restore Congress as a co-equal branch of government! Let's honor our various oaths to the Constitution of the United States! Loyalty is to our flag, our people and our Country; not Mitch McConnell or Donald John Trump!

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