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Impeachment Trial Day 7: Trump's Defense Team to Conclude Opening Arguments
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Lorri

    While I don’t agree with his handling of the entire Ukraine matter, it doesn’t concern me near as much as the precedent being set on the obstruction charge if it goes unchecked. Presidents of EITHER party is not above the law, we have a republic not a dictatorship. I cannot believe it was the framers intent to give ANYBODY the right to do as they wish without consequences. What will be done in the future? How far will the next President push the envelope? Do we really have to wait until a president shoots somebody on 5th Avenue to test this? A clear line of cooperation with oversight is a MUST and Trumps complete blocking of evidence should be landing him in jail rather than praised by the right. If I tried to hide evidence of a crime I would be locked up.

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