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Trump Calls Middle East Peace Plan 'Realistic Two-State Solution' Despite Palestinian Boycott
by Axios
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  • Sandy

    Just as the plan to bring peace by Israel giving it’s land in Gaza to the Palestinians, failed so will this one. The result of that one only moved the murderers closer to their innocent victims, and caused more death and destruction to Israel. This is the worst plan that could be made for Israel. It will end up causing more death and destruction to innocent people, fathers, mothers, and Children just going around taking care of the business of life, just like Israel’s relinquishment of Gaza did. Only this time the numbers of dead will be much much larger! The only thing this terrible decision has accomplished is to bring the murderous Palestinians closer to people that actually do want peace. Just like Hitler the Palestinians only want the total destruction of Israel and the Jewish people throughout the world. If a two state solution is the answer why don’t you do it in Saudi Arabia who the Palestinians also hate, and it’s a much much bigger country? President Trump you have now made the worst decision of your presidency. You are bringing the Palestinians much closer to their goal of genocide, and since Israel is the only true friend of the US, in the Middle East you bringing danger much closer to the US as well. To say I’m disappointed in you is the understatement of the century.

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