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Impeachment Trial Day 7: Trump's Defense Team to Conclude Opening Arguments
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Janet
    Voted Angry

    The Trump defense has no defense. Remove the president. He is the poorest example of an American president ever. He is corrupt and talks and acts more like a mob boss. This is not a trial without witnesses and documents from the White House. It is a full-blown circus. Deflecting, attacking, and degrading Hunter Biden and Vice PresidentJoe Biden was an egregious presentation. They have nothing to do with the actions taken by the president. Pushing forward the idea against the impeachment of a president is preposterous. His actions of abusing power and obstruction of Congress are a blatant act of defiance. The president, his administration, and his defense team are acting in a nefarious and malicious manner. Anyone who continues to aid, abet, and support this president is complicit in the destruction of our country, our democracy, our Constitution, and government It is time to stand up and do the right thing. Remove the president.

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