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Do You Want the Senate to Call John Bolton to Testify in Trump's Impeachment Trial?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • J.Maurice
    Voted Yes

    So imagine us so it’s the half of the United States and the middle of the United States seven parts others that are undecided and unbelievers to How government works and functions outlaw constitutional law the framers and founding fathers that wanted to prevent of such things happening future and in the features that every president work I’ll be keeping true to oath as sacred as that we the people of this nation trusted as their vote and voice that puts trust in the hands of those who perform and unites all of our citizens all of our cities uplifting not tearing down, our presidents are to do such and to protect the constitution and the republic. What does President Trump in the White House as wellThe vice President pence have to hide what are they covering up every American should know the truth and evidence all the witnesses should come forth DOJ as well Intel should be released to the American people we decide we the people of this nation by this nation want to know truth not fiction or controversy all we want to know truth real truth.

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