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Trump Threatens to Cut California Funding Over Abortion Coverage - Would You Support a Cut?
by Axios
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  • DrCindyBean-ConcernedVoter
    Voted Oppose

    Law of the land. There must be no retribution for actions that are upheld by law of the land *So no cuts to CA funds.* trump is a dangerous demagogue. He’s divisive. He’s a mob boss, bully who uses extortion For his self-aggrandizing and self-dealing. He has NEVER put the needs of the country as a priority. He only prioritizes his ego, his bank accounts and his crooked crony pals, like dictator thugs Putin and others. Open your eyes. trump is aiming to destroy America and destroy democracy. trump ignores laws and the GOP enables his misdemeanors and high crimes. Stop this corrupt insanity- REMOVE trump from our government. Now. The Ukraine incident is BLATANT and requires REMOVAL from our government.

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