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The DC: 🏀 Politicians & sports stars pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, and... Have the opening arguments changed your thoughts on impeachment?
by Causes
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  • LynnNoelle

    Let’s hear from Bolton, Mulvaney, and others. The best scenario for the Republicans would be if the testimonies of these individuals would totally exonerate Mr. Trump. So why not let them speak? I believe that we, the People, want to get to the bottom of this. That includes hearing everyone’s story. There’s been so much political maneuvering and side-stepping from both the White House and our Senate that I don’t know who to believe anymore. It’s all one big game, and I believe it’s been a huge cover up of wrongdoings by the President. He is not trustworthy. I’m dismayed that some Republican Senators refuse to acknowledge the red flags that this scandal has unveiled. When you vote whether or not to allow new testimony by Bolton and others, think of your responsibility to your constituents, and not about your political career. Oh, and while I’m at about term limits?

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