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Adam Schiff: GOP Is 'Deathly Afraid of What Witnesses Will Have to Say' in Impeachment Trial
by Axios
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  • Sean

    When will you people give up? I honestly don’t care if there are witnesses. If they have the votes to acquit. Why not? If you can’t convince our 4 RINOs then you have no case. Calling witnesses at this point will hurt the Dems more than the GOP so go ahead. If you weren’t in such a rush you could’ve taken Bolton to court while you were in charge. You knew it would fail in the senate but rushed it through anyway and just planned on bitching about unfairness. Typical Democrats, you don’t think about the consequences of your actions and expect everyone else to fix it. This is all just a distraction for your shitty 2020 candidates. You skyscreamers better start practicing.

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