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Key Quotes from Impeachment Trial Day 5: "You Will Find That the President Did Absolutely Nothing Wrong”
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • jimK
    Voted No

    The Republican Senate trial vote comes down to a choice between ‘winning the deal at any cost’ or ‘playing fair and considering consequences’. If the trial is viewed as a sham pre-determined result and trump is given a free-pass, trumpublicans will have a short term victory that will benefit them somewhat, even partially through the next election cycle. They will have neutered the ability of a Congress to ever hold the executive branch in check and the Republican Party will have to face a younger much more informed electorate who will hold Republican’s directly responsible for each and every half-assed tump-stunt that occurs as well as any abuses of power by any future administration. It is not the old days where a largely uniformed electorate often ‘forgets’ or does not have immediate access to records of who did what, when and why. Republicans will suffer long-term as a logical consequence of their inaction. The best long term Republican strategy would be to ‘play fair’ and at least subpoena needed documents. That would give trumpublican’s the ability to bail out due to new discoveries that, ‘if they only knew’, and vote him out. Their would be short term penalties, especially for the trumpublican leadership who have led the Republican Party down this path- but there will be at least a possibility of an honorable recovery for Republicans. That is the best solution for our country and all parties involved. Vote him out.

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