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Impeachment Trial Day 3: “Most unfair & corrupt hearing in Congressional history!” & Other Key Quotes
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • R2D2Johan
    Voted Apathetic

    If you can remember Jon Lovitz (SNL) routine (yeah, that's the ticket) then you might picture how T.D.S. groupthink eveolved into the current T.D.S. psychosis, where pot-smoking representatives have imaginatively produced trumped-up charges of impeachment articles that they themselves are actually guilty of, but they do not see it. The Democrat impeachment managers have themselves been interfering in the 2020 election with their impeachment propaganda that President Trump might have interfered in it with his questioning of Joe Biden's corrupt activities during the last decade when he was Vice President. It is the Democrats who have interfered through their #RESIST movement and actions aimed at making Donald Trump unelectable in 2020. How can they be so blind to what every-day Americans can see? The Obstruction of Congress charges in their articles are actually what the Democrats have been up to recently. The U.S. Senate is a bicameral part of Congress and it is this impeachment nonsense on trumped-up charges with imagined evidence (yeah, that's the ticket) that in presently obstructing Congress with this impeachment charade that is the manifestation of their psychotic groupthink. Too bad there is no known cure to their T.D.S. Perhaps they should stop smoking. That could end their 'reefer madness', but maybe not. Just look at Adam Schiff. Is the 'Visine poisoning' causing his eyes to bug out? He is so convinced that President Trump was "digging up dirt" on Joe Biden that he actually spoke this into the Congressional record. And it became the theme of impeachment because he said it. President Trump never said such a thing. But that does not exonerate Joe Biden of 'Ukrainian shenanigans'. It is those covering up for Joe Biden and running interference for him that are interfering in the 2020 election by their actions. But they cannot see it. The American people can see it as clear as not seeing the 'Emperor's new clothes', even thought Joe has pleaded to the mainstream news media to investigate his past actions as V.P. Talk about corruption...those who live by it stand to lose by it when fully exposed for all to see. Biden's day of reckoning is upcoming. President Trump's legal defense team will expose the facts and expose the fallacy of the prosecution. Or might we call it more accurately, persecution. The majority of U.S. Senators will be glad once this 'Schiff Charade' is over. If the House Democrats want to really prove to the American People who is interfering in the 2020 Election and who is obstructing Congress, they can go back to their 'Housemother' and resume their T.D.S. groupthink/ T.D.S. psychosis and impeachment quest as their goal for 2020. What a waste of the peoples' time and taxpayer money. But come November, the people will send those with T.D.S. 'out to pasture'.


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