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Impeachment Trial Day 4: Democrats Conclude Their Opening Arguments
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Jonathan
    Voted Excited

    The trial had expertly shown how the president has used his power to attack our Democratic and free elections... His abuse of power should not stand. However, I don't know how the Republican party has gone from loathing Trump because of his obvious corruption, to being a crazy person screaming into any microphone they can find... Lindsay Graham said some very important and true criticisms of the president prior to the election, somehow, after far more corrupt actions Lindsay Graham and other Republicans have become fierce supporters of corruption... What happened!? Please speak with your Republican colleagues and see what is going on... If they feel trapped into this position, the only way out is to remove Trump from office. Please work to convey the importance of this time. We can't allow this corruption to continue!


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