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Impeachment Trial Day 4: Democrats Conclude Their Opening Arguments
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  • Scott
    Voted Angry

    The 24 hours of lies by Schiff and company did nothing to change anyone's mind as the lies are made up BS and the Acquittal is now assured. Liberals are all excited because Schiff attacked the President but they also attacked the Senators and the 4 we had to worry about are 100% behind Trump now. Its fun watching Liberals get all excited only to be dashed time and time again. The best news today was the FISA court made 2 of the Fisa warrants VOID and all convictions on any of that info are now MOOT. The other FISA warrants they haven't spoken on yet but It looks Like Mueller's BS will all be cleaned up and charges DROPPED from the 0bam the criminal admins attempts to set up trump Much like the Schiff show has proven to be as well.


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