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Impeachment Trial Day 3: “Most unfair & corrupt hearing in Congressional history!” & Other Key Quotes
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • jimK
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    Bicycler: I am always moved by the honor bestowed to departed family and friends by their patriotic military service. It reminds me of the sacrifices needed to protect our country. My condolences, sir. My father-in-law piloted one of the LST’s carrying troops to Normandy Beach and his service included a modest recognition of his service which moved me greatly. I am glad you are back. I too, have been amazed by the unmitigated hubris and lack of decorum displayed by our trumpublican Senators. The exceptional job the House has done tying facts, chronologies, and all the moving parts together into a comprehensive case would influence any human being with a conscience if they have bothered at all to listen. I hope they have listened but all indications are that they have not. It would be wise for us to elect patriots into public office.

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