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Impeachment Trial Day 3: “Most unfair & corrupt hearing in Congressional history!” & Other Key Quotes
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • monkerok
    Voted Angry

    "People are cynical enough as it is about politics … cynical enough without having us confirm it for them," I'm trying to keep this conversation from being about partisan / "my tribe is different/ better than your tribe" discussions. I don't care which party someone aligns with, I care that our elected officials put the country and their constitutional responsibility above their party. What Schiff said really resonates with me because I am that cynical American citizen who is fed up with ineptitude BECAUSE of partisan politics. If EVERY SINGLE member of this senate does not take a step back and treat this is a dire legal matter that will establish precedent for future presidents then they must be relieved from their post for failing to uphold their oath. To say that citizens are fed up with elected officials making decisions putting party line over country is an understatement. Party First politics has lead to the decay of this democracy and the institutions that we hold as uniquely American. Enough is Enough!!


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