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Trump Suggests Cuts to Entitlement Programs Could Come in His Second Term - Would You Support Cuts?
by Axios
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  • Connie
    Voted Oppose

    Nobody WANTS to be dependent on entitlement programs. It's a lifeline for those of us with no other option. Cuts to entitlement programs will lead to increases in: homelessness, crime, child and elderly mortality rates, and increased burdens on the healthcare and prison systems. Before cutting those programs many other things need to change. Most jobs do not offer health insurance, retirement programs or even a living wage. And businesses willing to hire or accommodate someone over 50 are rare. Banks penalize poor people by charging high fees for having lower bank balances and not having monthly direct deposit or direct deposits under a stipulated amount. Public transportation systems in rural and suburban areas needs to improve and remain accessible to lower income, elderly and disabled people. And ultimately people's paradigms need to change with regard to lifestyle, family structure, charity, volunteering, and how we measure success. Were it not for entitlement programs my son and I would have died. While on the system I was able to feed, clothe and shelter myself and my son while I put myself through school and eventually found steady employment that paid enough so we could get off the system. Try restructuring part of the system to a 5 year plan (for able bodied people) that offers affordable job training and doesn't penalize you as you rebuild your life. Just cutting funding is the lazy way to deal with an iceberg of a problem.


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