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Dershowitz Claims Abuse of Power Is Not an Impeachable Offense Even if Proven
by Axios
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  • Anthony
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    I tend to agree with Alan Dershowitz especially in the context of some basic facts that I think reasonable thinkers can agree on: 1.The idea of impeaching President Trump emerged among his political opponents in Nov 2016. 2.Trump’s DC political outsider status was a significant vulnerability during the transition and especially in 2017 and continues throughout his first term. 3.The multiple, House and Mueller investigations, did not produce results to support impeachment. 4.Running out of time, the Ukraine telephone call served as the basis for an accelerated and streamlined impeachment process that de emphasized,the due process,provided for in the Constitution. 5. The is only one fact witness and source of the investigation and that witness is unidentified. 6. There is now,testimony in the Senate by a Constitutional expert that the Impeachment charges do not establish any crimes of treason,bribery or high crimes nor misdemeanors. 7. There is a highly credible criminal investigation underway, of members of the prior administration’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies,into alleged spying of President Trump’s campaign and the administration. CONCLUSION: Based on fact #4 and #6 It is reasonably to conclude that the Impeachment is fundamentally flawed because it does not meet the requirements of the Constitution,in that, there are no crimes identified in the Impeachment. Based on fact #1,2,3,4,& 5 It is reasonable to concluded that this impeachment is a political contest related to the powers granted to the Executive and Legislative Branches that emanate from the system of Checks and Balances embodied in the Constitution and not appropriate for Impeachment. Based on fact # 7 It is reasonable to conclude that the possibility exists that the Impeachment and removal of the duly elected 45th President of the United States was conceived and considered a viable alternative prior to the President taking office in January 2017. I urge eachUS Senator to rely primarily on the Constitution,their oath of office,and their Impeachment oath. I urge them to vote for Dismissal of the charges against the 45th President of the United States. I think a unanimous vote would be an essential first step to restore the rule of law and preserve our Constitution and begin the process of reforming and healing our Constitutional Republic.


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