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Trump Moves to Block Visas for Pregnant Women on ‘Birth Tourism’ – Do You Support the Restrictions?
by Causes
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  • Samuel

    This is the first step towards stripping citizenship from undesirables and rewriting the fundamental values of America. This is potentially the worst possible action the president has floated past us. The only place this path ends is genetic purity tests to determine citizenship. Republicans know that in 30 years they won’t have the demographics to gerrymander a single victory. Their voter base is going to vanish through attrition. This is the opening salvo in their next campaign against minorities and the poor. I don’t get fired up and resort to anger over politics, but this is the prelude to every dystopian science fiction novel come to real life. This strikes at the core of our soul. If you aren’t violently opposing this garbage, don’t bother sending another campaigner to my doorstep, I will find a representative who will.

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