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Trump Suggests Cuts to Entitlement Programs Could Come in His Second Term - Would You Support Cuts?
by Axios
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  • Valerie
    Voted Oppose

    So-called entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare are not unearned. US workers have funded those programs and, if they are being depleted it is the fault of the politicians that raided their coffers to make up budget shortfalls. I believe they want to get rid of the programs so that they don't have to repay what they "borrowed." This is unacceptable. The first act of Pres. Trump was to cut taxes for the major corporations and the wealthiest Americans. There was money for that even though the GOP has been trying to impose trickle down economics on the nation since Reagan and it does not work. The good never trickles down to workers in this country. We, the workers, refuse to allow cuts to our Social Security and Medicare benefits if the tax cuts for the wealthy and major corporations are not reversed with the money being returned to our programs.

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