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McConnell’s Impeachment Resolution: 24 Hours for Opening Arguments, Vote on Evidence, Witnesses – Do You Support It?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Nancy
    Voted Oppose

    This is no different than the Guantanamo torture designers being tried in military court now for war crimes generated by their program. It's set up almost like a movie set, making sure it all goes according to the way those in control of the program have planned. Some accountability results, but in the Senate case, what appears as the "upper hand" may give more fuel to the anti-Democratic movement. There is a major gap in knowledge and, thus, voting power, of Americans. People want change with the way our money system works, but no longer fully trust the Democrats due to the centrist position not facing the reality of the need for an economic overhaul. How can a country function normally if the money out there doesn't keep pace with what is required to live? Transparency would correct a lot of the misconceptions.


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