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The DC: Democrats make opening arguments in impeachment trial, and... ✂️ Do you support cuts to entitlement programs?
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  • larubia

    Entitlement Programs: I do NOT support any cuts to Social Security and Medicare. I do support Congress overturning the Reagan era law to begin taxing benefits. Social Security was set up so that it can't go bankrupt. Its 12.4% payroll tax on earned income between $0.01 and $128,400, as of 2018, ensures that the program is always generating revenue that can be disbursed to eligible beneficiaries. It’s our money, that we have paid into the plan! Leave it be! In addition, I do support Medicare for All. The program, when started, was supposed to be expanded. Instead, the age for receiving earned benefits has risen, as have the costs of private insurance which became “for profit” under Nixon, doing his friend Edgar Kaiser a favor! Yes, that is the same Kaiser as in the big insurance company Kaiser-Permanente! That move led to vast inequalities in relation to healthcare. For those of us lucky enough to maintain coverage, the costs have been staggering. No other industrialized nation has a system like ours. Instead they have universal coverage for all citizens, costing much less and with better outcomes. We can do better!

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