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Impeachment Trial Day 2: House Managers’ Opening Arguments
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Margaret
    Voted Yes

    The House Managers’ presentations to Senators mirror the information shared in the House hearings that led to the impeachment of Mr. Trump. He is obviously guilty of obstructing Congress because he has yet to provide documents or witnesses requested by Congress. What is he hiding? And the President’s defense attorneys blatantly lied to Senators in front of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court when they asserted Republicans weren’t allowed in the House skiff for testimony of witnesses. I watched on TV media interviews of many Republicans as they exited the skiff. I hope the defense attorneys never have to argue a case in front of the Chief Justice. And I’m hoping my Senators our Constitution and Country over Party and vote to convict the a President, or at the very least censure him.


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