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McConnell’s Impeachment Resolution: 24 Hours for Opening Arguments, Vote on Evidence, Witnesses – Do You Support It?
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  • RoadRunner7
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    Be moral; be honest; be aware of the consequences of a political cover up - for the truth will out eventually and your children will not be proud of your legacy. History will judge YOU, today’s Senators, as it judges Donald J Trump. If as a Senator, you cannot stand against the dangers to our executive branch and the legislative branch, you will set a disastrous precedent. If you as a Senator politically dismiss the impeachment of a runaway megalomaniac by ignoring and accepting the abusive and illegal behaviors he has demonstrated, you will unleash the end of our democracy as we have known it for 243 years. Do you want to be part of the scheme to create a dictatorship? Castro started in much the same way - seducing the Cuban nation with unfulfilled promises and took away their freedom with bullying, branding and boasting.- something not alien to Trump. Wake up, Senator Rubio. You, too, Senator Scott. This is bigger than the Republican or Democratic Parties!


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