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5th U.S. Case of Wuhan Coronavirus Confirmed in Arizona – How Should the U.S. Respond?
by Causes
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  • Marilyn
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    I am concerned but I am more concerned with this administration's continual decimation of federal departments and agencies such as the CDC and others which if ever an outbreak of any infectious disease occurs we will not be able to respond quick enough or effectively. The world travels globally so any infectious disease happening in one country has to be an alert for others to take effective actions. The epidemeology should never be an afterthought such as with the aides epidemic and others. The FDA is also being downsized, if as is presumed this particular strain is being transmitted through certain animals or if any other strains can be transmitted I do not think these policies are wise let alone in the long run cost effective. For me personally, for this reasonI I have always considered a national health care system a national security issue also and believe it best and most prudent for all to be covered even if some might choose to opt out with private. For example let's say this particular strain is something we need to be concerned about and many who do not have or can afford insurance are walking around transmitting to others, it does not take long before many will be infected. Also, if any epidemic occurs the collective government is better prepared to get the proper inoculations, antibiotics or drugs necessary along with cohesive epidemic studies, not so if departments are not funded or staffed. Another is the total lack of acknowledgment regarding climate change which all scientists agree will cause certain strains to develop or ones to become antibiotic resistance. Look what happened in the Flint water crisis from a lack of agency oversight, short cuts and short sightedness. No, I disagree, I am not a penny wise pound foolish thought or afterthought kind of person especially when the health of the American people are involved. I am more the ounce of prevention.


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