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Impeachment Trial Day 2: House Managers’ Opening Arguments
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Lisa
    Voted Yes

    Erin, this is for you: president Trump has made about 14 million per year for his businesses by being the president ...a whole lot more then the 300 K ish that presidents make. That was recently published in the business insider. Sure, sure he is a True patriot. ...old bone spurs who got Dad to pay a doctor to doctor his medical records so he did not have to serve in the military. As a woman, I would like you to explain his love of crotch grabbing women. Out of his own mouth, abuse of women, girls- yes, he was a friend of Jeffery Epstein. The same guy, who,limits poor single women with burdens of children from getting food stamps, and access to reproductive care. He is not pro- women or pro environment or pro anything ..other then Pro Trump!

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