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The DC: ✋🏽 Senate considers calling witnesses for Trump's impeachment trial, and... Do you support U.S. troop deployments in the Middle East?
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  • Karen

    We must have witnesses testimony the white house has blocked in house and instructed those members of his administration that have direct knowledge of Trump’s actions regarding pressuring Ukraine to investigate Bidens or no aid package or white house meeting. There was no national security crisis or reason to investigate Bidens-has no bearing on Trump’s action as president for personal gain regarding Ukraine and weapons/ aid approved by congress. Trump was still asking a foreign country to investigate a US citizen which is inappropriate as it is but only motive was to get some kind if dirt collected away from him that might help him win re-election- assuming Biden would likely be his opponent. Only problem is he got caught and some members of government have come forward to shine light on all this corruption from Trump and friends that cannot be allowed to go unpunished. No one is above the law- not Trump, AG Barr, Moscow Mitch and the rest of coconspirators, many who are already convicted and in jail.

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