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McConnell’s Impeachment Resolution: 24 Hours for Opening Arguments, Vote on Evidence, Witnesses – Do You Support It?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • April
    Voted Oppose

    The more I see of this, the more it starts to look like a cover-up. Why are we doing this at all if in a TRIAL, there will be no witnesses? No evidence? And what about this dark-of-night voting? It's like they don't want anyone watching them. Got news for you, Mitch. I SEE YOU. You're not fooling me, and I'm not alone. And John, Bill? I see you, too. You're aiding and abetting, and it makes me sick to know you're my senators. You're just as bad, if not worse than that slicked-hair jerk that pretends to be my rep.

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