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The DC: McConnell's impeachment rules pass, and... 😷 Are you concerned about the Wuhan coronavirus?
by Causes
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  • Colleen

    I’ve NEVER in my life been so appalled, disgusted and embarrassed by the government of the United States! No evidence, No witnesses = SHAM TRIAL!! The GOP has lost their souls! The Republican Party is extinct! All Republicans need to get voted out of office! Start with McConnell and work your way down! And when the Chief Justice slapped both sides last night for being disrespectful of the Senate - the greatest deliberative body of the world, I laughed!! Where is the EVIDENCE AND WITNESSES to that fact, Mr. Chief Justice?!? If this NUT in the Oval isn’t found guilty and thrown out, it’s time for people to rise up and take our country back! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE TRUMP AND HIS MINIONS OUT IN NOVEMBER!!!

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