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White House Asks Senate to ‘Swiftly Reject’ Impeachment Articles
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Debbie
    Voted Yes

    As a registered Independent in the State of Virginia, I like to think that I can think for myself and am not a lemming following blindly along whatever Battles the two major parties are in the middle of at any given moment. This latest craziness over the Impeachment of President Trump is absolutely disgraceful. I would like to think my two Senators can think for themselves and not jump on the Pelosi Witch-hunt Bandwagon, but I’m afraid that Senators Kaine and Warner don’t know how to think on their own. It’s obvious, if you pay attention to President Trump’s approval ratings, that most Americans are happy with the promises that the President made are slowly but surely coming to be. I could remove the word slowly if the Democrats in Congress would do what they were elected to their constituents. Instead, they have spent every waking moment, from the President’s very first day in office until now, trying to tie his hands and throw up obstacles, doing their best to make his Presidency a failure. Asa a Virginian, I don’t l feel my concerns are being addressed at all. It’s embarrassing to be an American and I know we look like a country being led by a bunch of spoiled teenagers. I’m certain this correspondence is probably a giant waste of my time because I truly feel my Senators are part of the Pelosi-led witch-hunt, but I have to at least try and give my Senators the benefit of the doubt. Please prove me wrong. Let’s stop this Impeachment now and let’s get on with the real business of running this country


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