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YouTube 'Actively Promoting' Climate Misinformation Videos – Do You Support YouTube's Policy?
by Causes
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  • Phyllis
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    I thought this was a one off when I read it yesterday but I have just finished reading an article about a case coming before the Supreme Court later this month. The case involves a Montana education program and the rights of LGBTQ schools. It appears Christian schools are receiving tax credits for children to attend their schools but practice archain rules regarding LGBTQ children and teachers. Examples of textbook excerpts show flagrant disinformation regarding science, evolution, sex, history and other topics. I think if we are stop people from believing the disinformation seeded through social media, we need to first address the disinformation that our children are exposed to. I have been frank about my position on religion and my decision to leave the Baptist Church secondary to the archain beliefs and propaganda perpetrated by the Southern Baptist Convention. I knew we would end up at this point when shortly after the election, a lady, appearing on one of the morning news programs, when interviewed expressed her support for Donald Trump because on Sunday morning her pastor told the congregation that Jesus said it was "important to follow the directions of your politicians". Excuse me, I a pretty sure that is incorrect. But no matter how backwards this sounds, the truth is, it is dangerous. While other countries advance and progress, we stay stagnant in some 1950s show in which Donald Trump is the president saving the Christian faith. This has got to change. We need intelligent, well educated, citizens who can make our country competitive. This is not competitive. We have a president who doesn't even know what happened at Pearl Harbor and can barely read English. Our children deserve more than this. Take action, prevent schools who openly discriminate and teach nonsense from getting tax payer's dollars.

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