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Trump Tweets in Support of Pro-Gun Activists Ahead of Virginia Rally - Do You Support Them?
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  • Marylynn
    Voted Oppose

    If you're a responsible gun owner you shouldn't have any problems with the new gun laws in VA. Poor, poor right wing gun owners who feel the need to own as many guns as possible and for what??? I'm sick of the idiots who keep claiming that the government is coming for everyone's guns. Oh course these are the same idiots who support the NRA and the moron in the White House. Here's a thought, if you don't like the gun laws in this country, which are different in every state, move to another country. I for one am fed up with all the mass murders that have taken place because some crazed lunatic decided to go on a shooting spree. If our useless federal lawmakers can't/won't do their jobs then its up to the state legislators to do it

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