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YouTube 'Actively Promoting' Climate Misinformation Videos – Do You Support YouTube's Policy?
by Causes
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  • jimK
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    Freedom of speech is not the same as Freedom to lie, misinform or misdirect. There are legal consequences for advertisers who mislead the public with false statements. There are legal consequences for people who swindle others by lies and misdirections (that is, unless there really are scores of Nigerian princes truly needing my help to smuggle their vast wealth into America). Falsehoods presented on mass media platforms need to be held to the same standard. Opinions unsubstantiated by real and substantiated facts are simply opinions and presenting opinions on platforms with global audiences need to be identified as ‘opinions’ and not as factual conclusions. The global platforms give access to many individuals and many organizations to a wide audience who tend to believe what they read. This allows special interests, foreign adversaries and just plain old nut jobs a forum for use in swaying public opinion. In fact, trump hired Cambridge Analytica and Manafort shared very detailed district by district polling data with Russia; Each engaged in massive disinformation campaigns, even targeting individuals in critical swing districts with messaging based on individual psychological profiles to swing their voting (profiles developed from their on-line collected activities and responses). Cambridge Analytica used military grade psy-ops techniques which were proven effective is manipulating governments of smaller countries. These are some of the dangers that these widely used platforms represent. The administrators of these mass media sources have a responsibility to assure, as best they can, that their reach cannot be used for malicious intent- as well as share in the legal liabilities if their platform is misused. These platforms have great and powerful influence by the media they present to the public. With great power comes great responsibility. If these purveyors of information cannot responsibly assure that the information they curate and distribute is accurate, they must be regulated or their reach curtailed.

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