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Dershowitz Claims Abuse of Power Is Not an Impeachable Offense Even if Proven
by Axios
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  • Bill
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    Of course abuse of power is an impeachable offense. The President has been impeached and history will record it as so. The problem for me is mockery that is being made of our framework and separation of powers. There is absolutely no question that the President and several other key players have done something wrong. The remarks from people that this is all a scam and a lie to oust the President is ridiculous. We have people who are arguing that reputable testimony from reputable people, who were appointed or put into positions by the current administration are lying or not credible. We have a Senate Majority Leader talking to the President about his trial. We have a Senators who think its ok with not hearing testimony from the President's inner circle or getting the chance to see documents that are being withheld by the White House. We have Rudy Giuliani who is obviously a key participant, who hasn't been questioned or served to testify. We have media coverage of the trial being manipulated so that the public will have difficulty viewing it. We have a trial that's going to take place following an impeachment of a President that is already decided. We also have a President who takes to the Twitter Waves daily and intimidates witnesses and laughs at the process. Now we have Allen Dershowitz telling the Senate its not impeachable. Cause that's what we needed. All of this because of party? Because you want to get re-elected? Because you don't want the political fallout of having a President from your party removed from office. This process is ridiculous! And just when you thought it couldn't get worse, there's Allen D to make it a side show to temper the damage. We are going to watch an impeachment trial and we know he isn't going to be held responsible for a single act of corruption. Just incredibly disappointing. But isn't the bigger issue really these lifetime, entrenched politicians who are willing to look the other way and support a President to avoid political fallout from McConnell and the party? Disgraceful.

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