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Trump Tweets in Support of Pro-Gun Activists Ahead of Virginia Rally - Do You Support Them?
by Axios
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  • John
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    Yes, I am a citizen of the USofA, and I support those that believe that there is an AMENDMENT to the CONSTITUTION of the USofA that gives the citizens of the USofA the RIGHT to BEAR ARMS!! What country do YOU live in? It doesn't necessarily have ANYTHING to do with loving guns, though some might; it has absolutely NOTHING to do with being a NAZI, you ahole senator of Connecticut; and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with "white supremacy" or any other sound-byte catch-phrase you want to think up that the MSM will use to brainwash the nearly braindead sheeple people. It has EVERYTHING to do with being an American citizen and having the RIGHT. And every single statistic available (yeah, I know, don't confuse you with the facts) shows that wherever that right is upheld and the citizens take that right seriously, there are FEWER MURDERS AND ASSAULTS using guns than there are where those rights have been impinged upon or denied! IE, it is a GOOD thing for law-abiding citizens to bear arms. Those are the facts.


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