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Dershowitz Claims Abuse of Power Is Not an Impeachable Offense Even if Proven
by Axios
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  • Dave
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    The senate republicans Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are so involved in the corruption and they represents their states? So goes the representatives, so does the state! To Block witnesses and documentation to your elected officials, is the same as blocking your rights to know and have transparency. I watch alI the testimony of witnesses and read some for the documents that were available, which is more than the house or senate has done! I guess ignorance is bliss. Trump was invited to present, to the House of Representatives, evidence to prove his innocence, but instead has block everything and everyone, he could from showing up! All Republicans are spitting on the constitution of the United States. Also if Trump is removed, Pence will be the president, not Hilary !!!!! This is not going to change the election.

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