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Trump Tweets in Support of Pro-Gun Activists Ahead of Virginia Rally - Do You Support Them?
by Axios
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  • Marilyn
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    I believe we already have the second amendment so a pro gun rights protest is a quintessential misnomer. Fact, nobody is advocating against the second amendment or your protections therein but we are advocating for strengthening the loopholes along with basic common sense laws that will strengthen protections against abusive practices and uses for all its citizens. You have protections within the 2nd amendment, I who does not own a firearm but know those who responsibly do also have the other amendments to protect me; one being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The common sense recommendations for certain upgrades, changes and modernizations regarding firearms pose no threats to any wise well informed advocate or owner and are also supported by many law enforcement agencies. As with all laws and rites becoming more aware or a continual abuse of is always a catalyst for change while sometimes unfortunately the majority as a collectives whole behavior also is regulated for the betterment of society. For example, drunk driving, driving without insurance, texting while driving or even all of the rules and regulations that come with being able to own or drive that car in the first place. You also have an amendments rite to peacefully protest as do all Americans but the disingenuous problem that I personally have a problem with is when such as the last Virginia protest or others it ends up in violence with others being killed or harmed while the verbiage of "Jews will not replace us" or "we're white we are proud" or deliberately walking with lit torches past a church where people were peacefully gathering and praying are paraded about having nothing to do with the 2nd amendment, carelessly assuming those you are maligning do not also have their second amendments or any other. Your white your proud, good for you because actually nobody wants you to deny or change your skin color, religion, 2nd amendment or any other amendments but neither do we want to deny any others their god given rite to feel proud about themselves also without being constantly harrassed for who they are either. As a person who happened to be born a woman and with white skin color, (although it does change throughout the seasons and is getting wrinkled) and on this day of remembering Martin Luther King go ahead hold a peaceful rally for your second amendment as others I am sure will be holding peaceful non violent protests and rallies also. There is always a moral arc toward justice, although it often appears slow or bacwards it moves forward remembering that it is not the color of the skin but the content of a person's character that are the defining principles of all anendments.

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