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Trump Tweets in Support of Pro-Gun Activists Ahead of Virginia Rally - Do You Support Them?
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  • Gary
    Voted Oppose

    As I write this there’s been another shooting. Is there any question that we need better gun control laws NOW! I’m not against people owning guns. I think they should be available to anybody who wants to own one. There needs to be a more comprehensive back ground check. The gun show loophole needs to be closed.There needs to be a lengthened waiting period. Every gun owner should have to take and pass a gun safety course with the certificate being presented at time of purchase. As to assault style weapons, your want your semiautomatic toy ? There needs to be still yet another gun safety class ( actually you should have to take a class every time you buy a firearm). Assault weapon owners should be required to register on the state and federal level ( stop whining it says “well regulated” right there in A2), and should be allowed to fire said weapons at a regulated firing range only. Additionally, each state should be required to have all of its gun owners be mandatory members of that state’s militia. That would add a whole level of citizen army down stream from the National Guard... and we could keep and eye on them 287 days til EDAY 25th for the 45th

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