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Trump Tweets in Support of Pro-Gun Activists Ahead of Virginia Rally - Do You Support Them?
by Axios
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    The right to own a gun does not mean that ownership shouldn’t be reasonably regulated. Today gun violence is out of control and the argument that we would be safer with more guns is ludicrous. Nor does the argument that the large toll of gun deaths is a price that must be paid for protection of the 2cd Amendment. If this is so let those who want unfettered ownership kill each other off. Civilians do not need military weapons. All today’s unregulated access does is allow militants and militias to accumulate weapons to be used to further their causes. Even the “Wild West” had fewer guns per person than we have today. This issue is presented as though it’s a protection for the individuals but it isn’t it’s a front for those who horde 10 to over 100 guns each and their not collectors. Ask the police in Los Vegas how many guns were used and how many the killer had in the room to be used. There were 58 innocent people killed and who knows how many still carry scars.

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