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The DC: 📤 House sends impeachment articles to Senate, and... Do you support a probe into whether Yovanovitch was stalked in Ukraine?
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  • J.Maurice

    most importantly if everyone gives that to their fellow man and uplifting one another the fellow women and children not leaving anyone behind in your day-to-day thoughts and as you wake up thinking in a higher power for that. We as a nation peoples and cities and towns should be uplifting on another uplifting and cherishing one another the combat evils, thanks to our law-enforcement throughout our nation and cities and towns thanks infinity, grateful that we have freedom of choice we have the freedom and duty to serve we have freedom duty to you have a great education and we should improve upon that we should approve upon a greatness and appreciation for one another, thanks to our intelligence community for keeping us very safe, our men and women of all levels of the branches of government and military a great thank you and Fenity of things so appreciateEvery branch and every levels thanks stay true and when and fight for our nation the US, united solidarity democracy forever strong in numbers thanks


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