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FBI Changes Policy, Will Now Notify State Officials About Election Hacking - Do You Support the Policy?
by Causes
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  • Dana
    Voted Yes

    Of course Rick Scott was thwarting fair elections. Nelson was of course correct. So basically Russia elected Scott. Well done Rick. And then obviously Moscow Mitch will nurture further interference by Russia. The only hope any of these corrupt tRumplicans can hold power is by cheating. Gerrymandering, lying, voter suppression and basic intimidation and worst of all apathy. Enough to make you crawl into bed and hide. Enough to be totally discouraged and think you don’t count. Enough to think it’s pointless to vote. THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT. WE CAN TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! PLEASE GO VOTE! Tell them we are Americans. Tell them we care. If enough of us band together we can do this. PLEASE! Vote 2020...

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