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Women’s March Organizers Hope to Re-Energize Protests
by Axios
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  • jimK
    Voted Happy

    Go ladies go! Let your voices be heard. Who knows, maybe you can get some brain-dead state to finally vote for the Equal Rights Amendment as well, and finally, FINALLY, get this amendment ratified. I find it to be a National disgrace and embarrassment that this amendment is still waiting for State ratification. The more of us who are equally empowered to control our own live’s to ‘live, thrive and survive’ (ref: Blues Brothers), the better-off the ‘all-of-us’ will become. This ‘old-white-guy’ appreciates the contributions and insights that non-‘old-white-guys’ can offer. We need to ensure everyone in our society has all of the opportunities that some of us ‘old-white-guys’ have had. Please be sure to make your voices heard and turn out in force when it is time to vote- let’s get this country back on track toward becoming great in the future.

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