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Trump Announces Protections for Prayer in Schools – Do You Support Prayer in Public Schools?
by Causes
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  • Rev. dr. ronald l.
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    Since taking God and Prayers out of the schools, education has gone down hill into the quagmire of the SWAMP, just like the Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Democrat Senators who made a fiasco of the checking out the two men who were finally made Justices in the Supreme Court. The concept of "separation of Church and State" is in error, for the Constitution and the First Amendment is very clear "CONGRESS SHALL PASS NO BILL/LAW TO ESTABLISH A STATE RELIGION, NOR ANY BILL/LAW INFRINGING UPON THE FREEDOM TO WORSHIP GOD ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN CONSCIENCE. The concept of Separation of Church and State is only applicable to the U.S. Congress, and what is done in each State, County, City, Village is up to the people, not the Federal Government , and therefore the Supreme Court and the ACLU were in total error.


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