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Trump Impeachment Team Includes Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz
by Axios
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  • Lisa

    Starr is a media whore who tried to impeach Clinton for personally poor decisions that affected his marriage but did not put the country in danger. Trump has sold the USA electoral system to the highest bidder in Ukraine for his personal advancement in The upcoming elections. He requested a foreign government to investigate a US citizen for the purpose of defaming him for money. Not his money, but American Tax payers money! He diverted congressional slotted monies to Ukraine U til they agreed to “ open an investigation into Biden by covert channels. So let him have Starr, who’s only interest was embellishing guttural salacious gossip about our president to the world. Reason, Clinton lied! Well, if that’s the reason, Trump has told 5000 of them since he took office all to boost himself and put some poor soul into the dirt unfairly. The Senate Must hear the facts and the high probability that after connecting the dots ...#45 did obstruct, lie and use his office improperly for personal gain.

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