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Trump Impeachment Team Includes Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz
by Axios
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  • Glowurm

    Alan Dershowitz, was a good friend of and attorney for Jeffrey Epstein in 2008, getting him off with a 13-month sentence for egregiously criminal acts against children. He, also, helped get OJ Simson acquitted. Real nice guy. 🤮 Ken Starr, a dinosaur, quick to convict Clinton, but when it came to his role as president at Baylor, he drew criticism for his response to a series of alleged sexual assaults committed by a number of football players. In 2016, an independent investigation released a report that claimed the university had seriously mishandled the accusations. Starr was, subsequently, removed as president and later resigned as the school’s chancellor. See: Article History by the Editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The Pig sure has great taste when picking his defenders - both criminals like himself!

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