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Trump Impeachment Team Includes Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz
by Axios
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  • Colleen

    The crooked, amoral, traitorous despot has himself a “dream team”! Most all of the “dream team” have been accused of either being in the know when Trump was overstepping his presidency and committing crimes, or accused of sexual exploitation, or in Ken Starr’s case, overstepping his responsibilities during the Clinton impeachment. Most people would say he was NOT impartial when it came to Clinton. And to add, the news just showed Trump in an interview from 1999 saying he thought Starr was a joke and disgusting! Well the acorns don’t fall far from the hypocritical and despicable tree! Sure hope my taxpayer money is not paying for T-Rump’s lawyers. Just want this d-bag found guilty and removed so we can repair this country!

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