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Trump Announces Protections for Prayer in Schools – Do You Support Prayer in Public Schools?
by Causes
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  • Allan
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    The concept that a separation has to exist between church and state, which is even taught by teachers, is false. Those teachers, who themselves have been misled by those who hate the morality of faith, find its origins from a letter Jefferson sent to a church wanting special benefits. From this, they proclaim Jefferson to not want any connection between church and state. Yet, Jefferson, himself, was a promoter of religion and expressed his faith in God, depending upon God to lead his decisions. People believe what they want to believe and disregard the rest, so from a small incident, taken out of context, this huge attack on our constitution has rendered a huge disservice to our institutions. Most of the signers of the constitution were men of faith, some preachers, others laity. In the large volume of writings of the time, including the Federalist Papers, you can find no mention of such a separation.


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