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Trump Announces Protections for Prayer in Schools – Do You Support Prayer in Public Schools?
by Causes
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  • Terri
    Voted Oppose

    AS a Christian and as someone who worked for almost 40 years in public schools, I think it is a bad to try to bring back prayer in schools. It is not illegal for a student to pray privately. What I have a problem with is, that a lot of people don't think about is...who are you going to pray to...just to Jesus and what about the Muslim kids do they get to pray to Allah and the Jewish kids do they get to pray to Jehovah or the pagan kids, or Buddhist kids or wiccan kids or the atheist kids do we include them...or are we just going to say the Our Father and then what about the kids who believe in a female diety? Having worked in schools for almost 40 years, I have met kids in all these religious traditions. Are you going to force the kids with no religious upbringing to pray when they don't do it as a practice at home. Can the Catholic kids pray to Mary and the Saints? It is unreasonable to think that it won't matter. Will teachers be proseletizing and trying to convert the kids they think believe the wrong way...what is the right way? We don't have a national religion for a reason...the founders realized that a national religion can cause so many problems...look at England when Henry Viii wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon and formed his own religion. So what religion will we claim to be? will we be Methodists or Baptists or Presbyterians or what? You allow organized prayer in schools again, you open the door to stepping on individual rights of people. We are still America and everyone still has the ability to believe what they want and worship how they want. Why is it up to us and (you as legislators) to tell people how to believe. How can we dictate this area of other people's lives. Take the log our of your own eye before you try to take the speck out of someone else's eye. Separation of church and state was written into the Constitution for a reason...Maybe it is time to follow the wishes of the founders...instead of thinking we know better.

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